Am/Can CH Linwood Graffiti Artist CGC, FDj, JH 

 OFA CHIC# 41591
OFA Hips-Excellent, OFA Elbows-Normal, OFA Thyroid-Normal
OFA Hearing-Normal (BAER Db# 4259)
OFA DNA Bank Participant
  7/1/2005 - 1/6/2016
Frozen Semen Available to Approved Bitches

Tag's 1st Retrieve

With his BFF Lori at 2006 National
4 Years Old

Can Ch. Fieldplay's Urban Artwork FDJ, JH

Am/Can CH. Fieldplay's Seti of the Nile
Am/Can Ch. Reidwood Call to the PostCh. English Times Bugle Boy
Am/Can Ch. Reidwood Poetry in Motion
Ch. Fieldplay's Queen of Denial Ch. Windem's Speak of the Devil
Am/Can/Ber Ch. Fieldplay's Ann Rutledge
Ch. Fieldplay's She's My Lady
Ch. Windem's Speak of the Devil Am/Can Ch. Fieldplay's Set'r Ridge Jhahil CD
Ch. Windem's Devils Advocate
Ch. Sir Cedric Lady P O'Fieldplay Am/Can Ch. Fieldplay's Abe Lincoln
Ch. Sir Cedric's Duchess Isadoll
Am/Can CH. Weymouth Linwood Merryonette
Am/Can Ch. Linwood Merry Prankster
Linwood Remington Steal Ch. Neverdone Five Oakes Victor
Ch. Linwood Token to Heatherhill
Ch. Linwood Merry McMaster Ch. Wickett Surprise Witness
Ch. Linwood Artistry in Lace
Ch. Weymouth's Make No Mistake
Ch. Foxtract's The Invincible One Ch. Hill-n-Dale's Sir Charles
Am/Can Ch. Seafield's Spellbound
Am/Can Ch. Sevenoak's Set'r Ridge Blackgold DC Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold MH, CDX
Am/Can Ch. Set'r Ridge Windem's Windsong