Oodles of Puppies Arrived 10/13/14!
( This litter already sold )

Out of MBISS/Multi-Group/Top 20 Winning Phoenix 
and Master Hunter Champion Bene

Each puppy will keep the same color yarn collar so you can always tell who is who. 
These puppies should have good size, great temperament,
fantastic bird sense & smooth, open side gait.


7.5 Weeks Old

EVERYONE sitting for supper!

We wanna come out & play in the BIG yard again!





 6 Weeks Old
 All 7 puppies had Normal BAER Tests (for hearing)

Did I mention my kitchen has become a "Puppy Enrichment Center".....?

Did I mention how TIRED puppies get after a romp in the Enrichment Center?

Sorbet & Violet, now down for the count
Jammies over and OUT!

5 Weeks Old
Ever Patient Mama...  they sure are getting BIG!
Sorbet getting a snuggle from Jan Borchardt

4 Weeks Old
Violet loves her some cereal
Frills settles in for a long Winter's Nap!
Jammies and Sorbet get a whiff of outside


3 Weeks Old
What a "killer face" Autumn
Sorbet snuggles with LynnW
Clockwise from Green=Jammies, Ruffles, Columbus, Violet, Sorbet & Frills

2 1/2 Weeks Old
Bene likes to pin  'em down for bath time!
Top/Down: Sorbet, Violet, Jammies, Ruffles, Frills, Autumn, Columbus
Visitors cuddling Frills & Autumn

1 Week Old
Pink Collar = Miss "Frills"

Red = "Sorbet", Purple = "Violet", Pink = "Frills"

Yellow = "Ruffles", Blue = "Columbus", Orange = "Autumn"
Day 5
They already fill up the warming nest!

Violet just chillin' .....

Day 3
Plenty of grub at the "Milk Bar"
Day 2
Kissing Siblings - Frills & Columbus
Attentive Bene runs a clean ship

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