Health & Genetics

I am highly committed to breeding healthier English Setters in North America:
  • I served as Chairman of Health & Genetics for the English Setter Association of America (ESAA) for over a decade.
  • Jane Wooding and I launched the ESAA BAER Database for Deafness – now the largest BAER Database for one breed in the world.
  • I initiated the English Setter Donor Advised Fund for research housed at the Canine Health Foundation.
  • I made recommendations to the ESAA Board on which research projects should receive financial support from our Donor Advised Fund.
  • I guided ESAA in joining the AKC CHIC program (Canine Health Information Center).  My committee recommended acceptable health screening tests for our breed.
  • I’m a Charter member of the Kettle Moraine English Setter Club (based in SE Wisconsin) and have held every officer’s role at some time.

I am especially committed to breeding healthier English Setters at LINWOOD:

  • I get ALL the puppies I breed checked for health issues when they reach 2 years old.
  • This means ALL puppies in a litter - not just those placed in homes where they will be bred.
  • All of my personal breeding stock is tested for Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Congenital Deafness, and Hypothyroidism.  All results are posted on the Open Registries at OFA (  Nearly every dog I breed is free of the four common health problems.
  • I aim to improve the health of the Linwood dogs with each generation I produce.

    • My most important requirement is that you have a loving home and want a dog to be your friend.
    • My dogs are not suited to living outside in a kennel day and night.  My puppies are raised in my house and make special family companions.  I go to great lengths to socialize them so they will be well-adjusted dogs.  They belong in the house WITH YOU.
    • My dogs need a safe place outside to run and play every day.  A yard with a 4ft+ fence or electronic fencing is a MUST.  English Setters should not be trusted to stay in a yard without tangible boundaries.
    • I require that you do hip & elbow xrays and submit them to OFA's Open database (the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) soon after your dog turns two years old.
    • I require that you check your dog for thyroid disease & submit it to OFA's Open Database when they are two years old. I recommend rechecks periodically after that. This is a common problem in our breed.


    -Each puppy leaves my home healthy.
    -Each puppy has had their first set of shots.
    -Each puppy has had a microchip placed & registered for permanent identification.
    -Each puppy has had their hearing checked with the BAER test.  I send all the results to the ESAA BAER Database.
    -Each dog I place of any age is healthy and has a stable temperament.
    -I will openly share the health clearances for every dog I place.
    -I am willing to share the health clearances for the parents & relatives of every dog I place - remind me if I forget.
    -I am willing to be a resource for the owners of my dogs throughout the dog’s lifetime.
    ~Lin Sell