CH Linwood Additional Incentives JH BN TKN CGC

(GCH/Can CH Linwood Resolute's New Beginning RN CGC x CH Linwood Fringe Benefits MH BN CGC TDI) 
BAER Db# 7828
OFA Hips, Elbows & Thyroid
OFA DNA Bank Participant
Whelped: 10/13/14

Owned, loved, trained, spoiled & doted on by Amber Bach-Gorman & Phil Gorman

Someone finished her JH in 1 weekend w/4 straight PASSES!
Cute as a BUG and she knows it!
Ringside shot at WESC after 2017 ESAA National

Addie at 2 years with owner Amber Bach Gorman

Back to back Majors at 15 Months Old

Shown here at 11 Months

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