GCH/Can CH Linwood Arts & Science JH CGC
(Am/Can CH Linwood Graffiti Artist JH FDj CGC x CH Woodrose Ive League Debunte JH)

OFA CHIC #58133
OFA Hips-Good, OFA Elbows-Normal, 
OFA Hearing-Normal (BAER#5029),OFA Thyroid-Normal
OFA DNA Bank Participant
Frozen Semen Available to Approved Bitches (contact Lin)
Owned by Kaitlin Daugherty
6/8/07 - 9/29/18

In "Excellent" form at Eukanuba 2011 winning Award of Merit
Marsh is tri-factored.  Ck out his daughter Booty.  
Marsh w/ Uncle Sailor at MESC 2009
Kaitlin's 1st ES Specialty - WESC 2011
1st Show w/ new Owner Kaitlin Daugherty - 4 Years Old

Socializing cousins Phoenix, Tucker and Beckett
Marsh - Sailor - Breeze     MESC 2009
8 Years Old - Veteran Class at 2015 ESAA National

The topline that never grows old...  seen here at 9 years of age!

Am/Can Ch. Reidwood Call to the Post
Am/Can Ch. Fieldplay's Queen of Denial
Ch. Windems's Speak of the Devil
Ch. Sir Cedric's Lady P O'Fieldplay
Am/Can Ch. Weymouth Linwood Merryonette
Am/Can Ch. Linwood Merry Prankster HD
Linwood Remington Steal
Ch. Linwood Merry McMaster
Ch. Weymouth Make No Mistake
Am/CAn Ch. Foxtract The Invincible One
Am/Can Ch. Sevenoak's Set'r Ridge Blackgold

Ch. Woodrose Ivy League Debutante JH

Am/Can Ch/ Linwood Ivy League JH
Am/Can CH.Honeygait Surprise Addition
Am/Can Ch. Reidwood Artistry in Motion
Ch. Honeygait WilsonLake Gretta
Am/Can Ch. Weymouth Linwood Merryonette
Am/Can Ch. Linwood Merry Prankster HD
Ch. Weymouth Make No Mistake
Ch. Woodrose Rossmoor One Time Only
Ch. Country Squire Lone Star
Ch. Country Squire Lucky Star
Ch. Chantry Smokehill Motion
Ch. Sunburst What a Knockout
Ch. Fiveoakes Neverdone Victor
Ch. Sunburst Black Magic